People love emojis, but Cam’ron says the “[traditional] emojis are done.”

Following in the footsteps of Lil B, Killa Cam has his own emoji app on the way, and he’s released awesome previews of the app on Instagram.

One of the emojis is a classic call back to Cam’s infamous The O’Reilly Factor appearance. Since Cam appeared on the show, his “U MAD” meme has gone viral about a million times over and now you can have it in emoji form.


Cam also previewed an emoji that features the rapper showcasing his “U Wasn’t There” face.

You’ll have to wait until November to use the actual emoji app, according to Cam. It’s set to be available via Hi-Art.

Cam’ron’s been busy prepping the app for its pending release, but he’s also kept his focus on making music. Killa released four 1st Of The Month projects this year as well as his A-Trak collab project, Federal Reserve. From capes to ebola masks to apps to music, it’s good to see Cam staying busy.