evian christ

After collaborating with the likes of Kanye West, where else is there for you to go as an artist? Well, it seems that Evian Christ might have figured it out: boxers with his name on them. In a chat with Fader, Evian Christ revealed that the Calvin Klein-esque boxers, which you can see above, started off as a joke birthday present from his girlfriend. After he posted a picture of the boxers online, people began asking how to buy them, so he started to think about making some.

Initially planning to order 100 pairs, language barriers with the Chinese manufacturer resulted in Christ ordering 500 pairs by mistake. “It was the most insane process because the guy barely spoke english,” he said, before mentioning that he “didn’t really intend” to order 500 pairs. “They got held up in customs in the UK… I had to declare that there were 500 boxer shorts with ‘Evian Christ’ on them.”

So yeah, it just kind of rolled from there and now I’m set with 500 pairs of boxer shorts in my studio with my name on them.

Despite the demand from some to acquire the boxers, the producer has stated that he probably won’t make any money off of them. But, he will be selling them in packs of three at his upcoming Trance Party event to “get fucking rid of all of them.” So if you’re dying to grab yourself a pair of Evian Christ boxers, make sure you’re in London for Halloween.

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