Going through submissions has always been an important part of what we do at Pigeons and Planes. When we started, we’d give out our personal email addresses, check every submission we got, and respond to as many as possible. Eventually, there were too many submissions to keep track of, so we started a separate email account specifically for submissions. That worked for a while, but now we’re back at over 1,000 submissions a day, and checking them all has become absolutely impossible.

On top of that, 90% of submissions are terrible (no offense). They just are. Every artist thinks they’re good, and every artist thinks they work harder than anyone else and they deserve to be posted. But most are really bad.

This combination of low quality and overwhelming quantity is probably why so few websites actually check email submissions. But it’s still important to us. Every now and then we find something incredible from a random email submission, and this makes it all worth it. So we’re looking for a solution.

My latest idea involves an online “street team” that could check out submissions, vote them up or down, and essentially highlight the good stuff so when we go to the inbox we have a starting point. But is this even possible? How would we pick a reliable street team? How do you execute a voting system within an email inbox?

When I brought up my new system idea in the office today, Alex and Khal asked these questions, and I had no answers. So I decided to ask some of the smartest people I know: our readers. Just kidding, you guys aren’t smart. But sometimes you’re nerdy, and nerds know about stuff like this. Just kidding again, you’re smart.

Got ideas for how to solve the impossible submission dilemma? Let us know in the comments section.

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