Although Kendrick Lamar’s new song, reportedly titled “King Kunta,” has not been released, the track’s already received rave reviews from HBO music supervisor Scott Vener. “I been dying to talk about this,” Vener recently said in a series of Twitter posts. “This weekend I went to visit Pharrell in the studio and got to hear @kendricklamar new music…I haven’t been this excited about owning music in a while…”

Seriously, MF’rs at the top of the food chain in music should be real nervous.

Vener, who says Lamar played the Soundwave-produced song after sketching an idea for another track with Pharrell, explains that the track reinvigorated his appreciation for rap.

“This song took me all the way back to 90s hip hop and back and gave me a tour of the cultural fabric of LA like never before,” he added. “It felt like the song took a different turn every 4 bars…After @Pharrell heard it. The first thing he said ‘that song is so unapologetically black and AMAZING’ #KingKunta…After @Pharrell heard it, he said ‘those chord changes though. I can’t wait for @QtipTheAbstract to hear this” #KingKunta.”

While K. Dot has already given us “i,” the Top Dawg MC still hasn’t delivered an album release date for his follow-up to 2012’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city. Check the gallery for more on how the song resembles a James Brown cut and why Pharrell’s engineer believed the song was produced by Dr. Dre.