Suge Knight and Katt Williams were arrested and charged with one count of robbery after an encounter with paparazzi. The two allegedly took the camera of an “independent celebrity photographer” after leaving a studio in Los Angeles together.

L.A. County put out a press release stating Knight is facing 30 years to life thanks to a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon. Williams could serve up to seven years. Bail for the two was set at $1 million and $75,000, respectively. Suge Knight is Williams’ tour manager, and has bailed the comedian out of jail before. That’s not an option this time around.

Williams spoke to TMZ after his release, claiming the photographer was harassing a five-year-old child before his party intervened.

Whether or not taking a camera deserves a life sentence is up to L.A. County now. Kanye West avoided heavy sentencing when he lost it on a photographer—but then again, Kanye doesn’t have Suge Knight’s rap sheet. Here’s a video of the alleged victim talking to police. “The thing I’m worried about is my personal information,” she says. “Because Suge Knight is a dangerous person.”