Hip-hop feels like such a mess sometimes. It’s a wonderful mess, but it’s a mess. A lot of the time, the most exciting young hip-hop artists are the ones with the least direction and focus. It’s that no-fucks-given attitude that fuels their energy. Pell is different. The New Orleans artist is just getting started, but there’s a clarity in his music. His energy seems to come from his passion, and the exciting thing about him is not how unhinged he seems, but how focused he is. He’s a thoughtful artist, and his words carry weight that funny ad-libs and on-trend slang can’t hold.

Watch his new video for the Caleb Stone-produced, Dent May-featuring track “Wait On Me” above. The video was shot and edited by Joseph Katool in Oxford, MS, at the Cats Purring Dude Ranch. And if you get the chance to see Pell live, take it. He’s great.

Pell’s album Floating While Dreaming is out now. Check that out here.