SOAK, an 18-year-old Irish singer/songwriter and one of our favorite new artists, has released a video for her latest song, “B a noBody.” It’s a youthful song that evokes a bittersweetness, and the video matches the sentiment. Dreary and grey, the setting is bleak, but you’ll be left with a feeling of hopefulness.

More on the “B a noBody” video:

Starring her real-life friends and directed by Charlie Rotberg, the clip revolves around the track’s main themes of teenage existentialism. “It’s sort of a help song,” Monds-Watson explains. She wrote it when many of her friends had left for college and they were all going through that “What the hell am I doing with my life?” phase. “The video is about life, earning your stripes, figuring out your purpose,” she says. “Even though everyone lets their balloons go at the end of the video, they can’t really let them go—because just like the strings, you’re eventually brought back to reality.”