The news of Spotify partnering with Uber was unexpected, but it makes sense. With the initial reports came a lot of questions, and today Spotify has officially announced the partnership with more details—and a catchy name: Spotify Your Ride. It sounds pretty straightforward, but the one catch is that you must have a premium Spotify account ($9.99 a month) to participate.

Big news everyone! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Uber to let you choose the soundtrack for your ride.

When you request a car, you’ll be able to choose the music you want to hear on the journey. When your ride arrives, it’ll be your tunes on the car’s speakers.

So how does it work?

1. Connect your Spotify account from the Uber Profile screen or sign up.
2. Request a ride in the Uber app. If you get matched with a music-enabled Uber, the music bar will appear at the bottom of the Uber app.
3. Tap the music bar and select music from our ready-made playlist, your playlists or search for something new.
4. If you want you can wirelessly control the music from either the Uber or Spotify apps until you arrive at your destination.
5. Sit back and enjoy the soundtrack to your ride.

The new Uber and Spotify integration, available to all Uber and Spotify Premium users on iOS and Android (in beta), starts rolling out on Friday, Nov. 21 in our 10 launch cities. The integration will continue to roll out globally over the coming weeks.

See the video above if you hate reading.