Hip-Hop and fashion have gone together like peanut butter and jelly since the beginning of it all. And rappers have been name dropping their favorite brands for years. There’s been so much name dropping in fact, that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with. That is until now.

Katherine Bernard, a contributor of Dazed Digital, took on the challenge of trying to figure out every time Jay Z has ever mentioned or referenced a clothing line in his music. Since his debut album Reasonable Doubt in 1996, Jay Z has been referencing the hottest brands at the time in his songs. Bernard charted all of the times brands were mentioned throughout Jay Z’s entire discography with the help of data engineer Fred Benenson and then arranged all of the names into a tidy square on a shirt. Bernard calls her project “Art As Wrench: A Rapper’s Fashion Timeline.”

If you’re interested in seeing this project really come to life so you can own one of these shirts for yourself, head on over to Bernard’s Kickstarter page to support the cause.