Image via Tame Impala Facebook

Image via Tame Impala on Facebook

We haven’t heard all that much about Tame Impala’s third full-length, but Jay Watson, the group’s keyboardist, has given us a vague idea of what to expect. Speaking with Faster Louder, Watson revealed that the album is “probably gonna be less rock again and more electronic again, even more than the last one.” However, the as of yet untitled follow-up to 2012’s Lonerism remains mostly shrouded in mystery, as Kevin parker, the group’s frontman, keeps details regarding the record quiet.

According to Watson, Parker has been keeping the record to himself for the most part: “I got to hear a lot of [Lonerism] as it was happening last time. But this time I don’t think anyone’s really heard it [all] except him and his girlfriend.” Watson co-wrote a few tracks off of Lonerism, but as of yet, he’s not been able to contribute to the follow-up.

(Faster Louder)