Rick Ross has been losing weight all year and many have wondered how the MMG boss has managed to lose so many pounds. Well, Rozay has now created a video with some of the secrets behind his dramatic weight loss, from having wings (only lemon pepper) and cereal breaks (#cereal) to buying the thickest chains he can purchase. It’s all part of #RossFit. Watch the Funny or Die clip above as he explains why there will never be a boss as big as him…uh…not even Bruce Springsteen. Wonder what The Boss has to say about this. Not sure what to think? Listen to this Rick Ross/Bruce Springsteen mash-up to help you see that bosses can coexist.

Rozay actually introduced us to #RossFit in May, when he explained that pears really can have a significant impact on your life. “I forgot what fruit had tasted like,” he said back then during an interview with Tim Westwood TV. “I eat pears now and shit like that. Shout out to all the pear!”