Image via Red Bull Music Academy

Image via Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull Music Academy has become known for continuously being innovative. One of their newest project is a series simply titled Future Instruments 2214. RBMA asked several forward thinking artists what they imagine musical instruments will be like two hundred years from now. It’s no surprise that Tyler, the Creator was one of the artists asked to share ideas for this project because he has proved that he prefers to think outside of the box.

Tyler came up with an imaginary invention he calls “The Shout Box” and explained how he thinks people in the future will be making music with this invention:

“In the year 2214 everyone I know, including myself, will be dead. To be honest, I think the world would have already ended by 2214, and if it hasn’t, there probably won’t be a lot of music being made. But let’s just say music is being made… Will the tempos be sped up? Will subject matter like love and cars still be a thing? Will humans still be using the same instruments? Probably not.

We have keyboards with every sound with the push of one button. And with the rise in popularity of EDM, most of those instruments aren’t even used, which leads me to believe that in 2214, the popular instrument will be the human voice. Screaming. Yes, screaming. Different ways of screaming. Pitched up, pitched down, panned to the left, and so on. Someone will create a small cube box where the artist can scream into it, and it will have every single effect possible to make the scream distinct from other ones. 1,000 buttons on it. No more drums, synths, strings or basslines. The cube will have the option to change your screaming into one of those instruments, similar to a MIDI keyboard, but overall, screams are going to be clogging the radio.

Am I into it? Fuck no, but as time passes the younger generations are going to be so hyped on it that it doesn’t matter what I think. I’ll be old and dead. Oh, and the cubes will come in pretty colors, to wear on your head or make it easy to fit in your pocket.”

The official site looks just as futuristic as the inventions being thought up, you can check out the site and read about all of the other future instrument inventions here.