By now, anyone who is familiar with Tyler, the Creator knows that he basically does whatever he wants. And the more random, the better. This time Tyler proved that he is as dedicated to his fans as they are to him.

When Aaron McCann took the chance to ask Tyler via social media if he would attend his upcoming stand-up comedy show, he probably didn’t really expect Tyler to show up or even respond. McCann explained that he wrote to Tyler saying, “‘Listen I got an open mic gig…it would mean the world if you came down and watched me.’ And the fucking dude showed up.”

Before the leaving the stage, the Irish comedian introduced Tyler, the Creator with a short explanation about why he inspires him: “When people ask me, ‘who’s the guy that inspired you?’ I always say, no comedian inspired me to do what I do today. It was one guy, one musician.”

Watch McCann introduce Tyler at 3:30.