British duo Aquilo’s “I Gave It All” is already a powerful song, but listening to it while watching this Eoin Glaister-directed video adds even more depth. It’s a clip that anyone who’s experienced the complications of young love should be able to relate to. This is part one of a two-part series, so stay tuned for the second.

Aquilo’s four-song Human EP comes out December 8.

From Aquilo:

The song “I Gave It All” is based around the idea of a delicate relationship that was slowly coming to an end and eventually finding a solace in the fact it had ended. It’s about the coming to terms and accepting that some things just don’t work in life, despite being determined it will.

Eoin’s (director) interpretation of the song tells a coming-of-age story about the loss of innocence. How things could have been different if the lead protagonist had pursued a relationship with her best friend instead of his older, cooler brother, and her coming to terms with this.