Jeremih and YG put together one of the summer’s biggest songs with “Don’t Tell ‘Em.” But it’s not summer anymore. It’s cold, and a sun-soaked club track just doesn’t feel the same with blizzards approaching. Lorde understands this. Visiting BBC Radio 1 this past week, she covered the song with a decidedly autumnal vibe, stripping down the booming, glistening production into something smokier and a little funkier—evidenced by her unstoppable dance moves.

It’s not exactly what you’d expect from a Lorde cover, but she pulls it off with ease—Lorde says she chose the song for the vocal melodies: “I think they’re really smart and just consider them cool. It’s quite a saucy song and I think it would be interesting to flip the dynamic and make that power mine.” Watch her performance above, and stream the original below.