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In case you haven’t been paying attention, 2014 has been a crazy year for Death Grips fans. Just as they approached the risk of becoming stale, the experimental trio “broke up” back in July with a brief note written on a napkin. For a band that prided themselves on doing things their way, it felt just a little anti-climatic. But, following their supposed break-up, a lot of mega-fans on the internet have been pointing out the fact that this could very well be just another elaborate trick.

Shortly after the group posted their note on Facebook, a Twitter account with the handle of @bbpltergiest popped up calling itself Death Grips. Of course, it’s hard to be sure if the group really are behind the mysterious account, but a few of their tweets have led us to believe that it could be a possibility. The account tweeted a picture of the CGI basketball court that was featured in the video for “Inanimate Sensation” back in August, which is around four months before the video even came out. The group are well-known trolls, so they could just be fucking with us, but maybe that’s a little too cruel, even for their standards.

The Twitter account also tweeted out a bizarre picture of someone under bed covers, and in the bottom of the image you can actually see the camera goggles that the band wore during their famous SXSW performance. There was also a picture of an email received in the inbox, supposedly from a fan. Amidst all this, there was also a tweet of “everyone thinks we broke up but we didnt.” Now, the account has tweeted the following:


Of course, this could all be fake, or some sort of very mean prank from the band themselves, but it’s not too crazy to think that they’re actually coming back (if they even broke up, that is). If they’ve really just announced a tour, when can we expect the dates? It would make a lot of sense with the imminent release of Jenny Death, even if they did say that “Death Grips is over.” Some fans on Reddit were speculating that the band “broke up” to get out of their tour with Nine Inch Nails for whatever reason, possibly to finish Jenny Death, which sounds pretty similar to what they did with No Love Deep Web. Take it with a grain of salt, but the farewell napkin did say “all currently scheduled live dates are canceled.”

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UPDATE (1/11/15): So it looks like @bbpoltergiest has been tweeting out some mysterious imagery again, this time even more ridiculous than before. Seemingly out of nowhere in the middle of the night, the unverified Twitter account posted a picture of Stefan Burnett, bka MC Ride, and Zach Hill on The Hollywood Tower Hotel attraction at the Disney California Adventures Resort. This arguably adds validity to whether the account belongs to them or not.

According to users on the Death Grips sub-Reddit, this is the second time they’ve left clues related to a hotel. Check out the somewhat adorable photo above.