Trying to find the perfect gift for someone can make the holiday season a bit stressful, but every now and then you miraculously come across the perfect gift that immediately eases all of that tension. If you’re currently in search of a great gift for Hanukkah for one of your rap-loving friends, this may be it. Hannah Rothstein, an Artist from the Bay Area, recently blended her love for Hip-Hop, Hanukkah and puns together by designing dreidels with Dr. Dre’s face on them.

According to Rothstein’s website, the cleverly named Dr. Dreidels were solely made out of her love for puns and because she found the idea hilarious. Each side of the dreidel features a different images of Dr. Dre that were laser-etched onto the traditional wooden dreidels. The packaging also features a mirror image of Dre’s Beats logo to signify a “d” for dreidel.

Head over to the official website for more information on the Dr. Dreidels and how to properly play.