Have you ever been that only person at the party that seems to not know the lyrics to a major current hit? The answer is probably yes. Maybe it’s frustrated you so much that you finally got to the point where you felt obligated to look up the lyrics. But very often the results can either be from a website that seems unreliable or just nowhere to be found at all. Google plans to help make this problem easier.

If you simply type in the name of the song into the Google search bar, followed by the word “lyrics” you will see the results appear without having to click on any other sites. In some other cases where the song title may be very common, of course you’d have to search the title and artist name. The lyrics are linked to Google Play, which will allow you to listen to or buy the song as you read along with the lyrics. Avid Google users will have noticed a while ago that many things that are searched often pop up at the top without the need to click elsewhere. So this was just the next step.

However, this new development could be trouble for the handful of websites that are dedicated to posting new lyrics. But for the meantime, it seems as if the competition may still be alive seeing that Google doesn’t have the lyric results for everything. Possibly because of licensing issues. For example, if you try to search any songs from The Beatles, Google will direct you to the same old lyric sites instead. But the best part of this new addition may be the fact that you can finally look up lyrics without having to deal with countless annoying pop-up ads.

(Seround Table)