Seattle’s KEXP is one of America’s college radio treasures, a spot of light in the perpetual rain and beautiful grays of America’s Pacific Northwest. It’s a setting tailor-made for the ornate harmonies and dissonant temptation of FKA Twigs. She stopped by the radio’s studio back in November during her U.S. tour and performed four tracks: “Two Weeks,” “Lights On,” and “Kicks” from LP1, and “Hide” from her 2013 EP.

The set has Twigs performing with three electronic percussionists/soundmakers clad in a variety of white turtlenecks, fishnet, and gold chains: stripped-down fashion that pairs nicely with the sounds they build. As always, style is an essential part of the British singer’s performance, and as always, it’s a beautiful union. Watch the rest of the performance below.