With the release of the Paul McCartney-assisted “Only One” earlier this month, we know that Kanye West’s seventh studio album is close. And on Wednesday, during a speech at the iHeartMedia Music Summit in Burbank, California, Kanye gave the audience a preview of the new project, sharing the new material from his laptop.

According to Billboard and a source who attended the event, the album will contain a Rihanna collaboration, featuring “acoustic guitar and a big, soaring chorus and melody with a massive hook.”

After he played the album apparently came one of Kanye’s signature stream-of-consciousness. He spoke about wanting to be on the radio, having revitalized soul beats, introduced unique topics and sounds to the mainstream, and incorporated electronic music into hip-hop. Speaking in length about his collaboration with Paul McCartney, he recalls asking McCartney, “What was pussy like in the ’60s?”

‘Ye doesn’t give out the Beatle’s answer, but one can only imagine what it was like for the biggest band in the world. (Does “drowning in it” sound fair?)

Kanye West’s forthcoming album is rumored to drop later this year.

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