Lyrical annotation site Genius is making moves. We first knew them as Rap Genius, but the site soon grew to include other genres like Rock Genius and literary annotations from Shakespeare to Game of Thrones. They’ve continued to expand since raising $40 million in funding last year, and they’re starting to put that money to good use.

Genius recently announced the hiring of Sasha Frere-Jones, who will leave his post as a music and culture critic at fabled weekly The New Yorker. Jones will be an executive editor at Genius.

From an interview with the New York Times, Frere-Jones “originally became a critic because he was frustrated that so many of those who wrote about music were ignorant of its nuances. Genius’s tool addresses that, but unlike crowd-sourced information on Twitter or Facebook, which is rapidly superseded, Genius’s snippets remain easily visible forever.” Genius has also hired political journalist Christopher Glazek, and they’re looking for three or four more writers.

The site also announced their first premiere album stream. Marilyn Manson’s The Pale Emperor is streaming now on Genius, and fans are already busy annotating the new material. The album gets its official release a week from now, on January 20.