Over the last year, Shura has impressed us with her own personal take on a nostalgic sound. She’s found a way to make timeless music that sounds like it was authentically influenced by ’80s pop, rather than simply trying to mimic it. And the results have been great so far. One of her most impressive tracks has been “Indecision” and now there’s finally a video to go along with it.

Originally, the lyrics may make listeners assume that the songs is about a relationship on the verge of ending, but the video forces us to open our minds a bit more to multiple interpretations. Shura explained to DAZED that “this was the first treatment that really gently alluded to (the song’s themes) but was in and of itself a moving story about a journey and change.” The video focuses on the lead character dealing with his own personal indecision, but Shura can be seen making a quick cameo.

Watch the video above.