We’ll remember 2014 for a lot of things, and most of those things are terrible. But 2014 also brought some positives. D’Angelo came back, Waka Flocka started rapping well, and Kanye blessed us with one last song before the ball dropped. One of the best things about this year, for us, has been FKA twigs. She’s a rising star unlike anyone else in music right now, and she made our favorite album of 2014 and two of the best music videos of the year. Her presence has also inspired some of the best GIFs on the internet, so what better way to celebrate the beginning of 2015 than to stare at some twigs GIFs?

Here are the best FKA twigs GIFs, for all occasions you may encounter in 2015.


When every time you try to leave something keeps pulling you back (you back)


When you get up to go to the bathroom during a commercial break but then the show comes back on and you get back to the couch like…


When you’re clearly the coolest, most powerful person in the room but you still show admirable character traits like generosity and grace


When your shoulders and chest are on fire and you need to put the flames out in a quick, orderly and cool fashion


When you caught a body ’bout Two Weeks ago


When part of you is sad about the many injustices in this world but the other half is like, “Whatever, we’re all going to die anyways.”


When you’re out at a bar and you bust out your best moves to attract a potential mate


When you’re mentally preparing yourself to go into a rap battle with Papa Doc


When you’re Skyping with some relatives and they won’t stop asking to see your pet snake so you’re like, “Fine, here.”


When you straight up run shit


When you learn that your album was one of P&Ps best of the year


When you’re baking a cake with bae and they get frosting on their fingers


When you’re literally shining on the haters