Remember the story of Coolio and Pornhub Records? The adult site started a record company and put out an open call for the Pornhub Records Anthem. Or, as it turns out, anthems. Bucking convention like the renegade upstarts they are, Pornhub Records has chosen not one but TWO anthems: Suck it, protocol.

From an interview with Pornhub VP Corey Price Stone:

We wanted an artist to evoke an emotive response representative of the Pornhub brand from listeners. Both Jordan and Mihannah did just that. They took the personality of our brand and delicately crafted it…Here at Pornhub Records we’re all about star quality, and without further ado we’d like to introduce the world to Jordan Royale and Mihannah Zhang.

The winners get $5,000 to make a video for their song. Royale and Zhang were selected after a vetting process that included Scott Storch and T-Pain.

To their credit, the two really seem passionate about the material—Royale gets right to the point with his opening line: “I love watching porn when I have a bad day.” Zhang, meanwhile offers a whole rainbow of moans. Stream the delicate craft of Jordan Royale and Mihannah Zhang below.