For whatever reasons, Nancy Grace invited 2 Chainz to her show to join in on a debate about legalizing marijuana. Though there were actually four people within this discussion, for the most part it was really Grace vs. 2 Chainz. And it was reminiscent of Cam’ron’s classic appearance on “The O’Reily Factor”.

To try and make some sort of a point, Nancy Grace recited a few of 2 Chainz’s own lyrics which wound up being quite irrelevant to the topic, but 2 Chainz remained poised and continued to make many valid points. He stated that you can’t judge a whole community of smokers by the actions of a few “imbeciles” and brought up the point of alcohol being legal and equally damaging and also made a point that drug laws are wasting tax dollars. You can make your own judgments but the winner of this debate seems pretty clear.

Watch the rest of the entertaining debate below.

However, the best part of the entire segment is 2 Chainz being able to fit in his signature “TRUUU!”

Had to give Nancy the blues on TRUsday…we going live at 8pm on HLN tune in # TRUjackcity

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