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Kanye’s eye for talent is pretty unparalleled—an endorsement from him and you’re going places. Aspiring rappers of all stripes have tried to get on Mr. West’s good side by dropping their most flame bars for him during the brief moments he’s not wrapped up in some fantastically exclusive event or session.

Last night, while leaving Big Sean’s (one of his most well-known protegés) show at L.A.’s House Of Blues, West was confronted with another eager young rapper. Ohio’s own Cameron Grey, whose mixtape Crash Landing has apparently been “certified BRONZE by Datpiff,” approached Yeezy as he was getting in his car with Justin Bieber(?!). Grey begged him for a shot and a bemused-looking Ye complied, listening to a couple minutes of Grey’s bars before asking him if he was truly willing to start from the bottom.

Apparently it worked: TMZ reports that Ye got his contact information. Watch the full video below—you’ll want to see Grey’s reaction as he’s walking away.

UPDATE: Turns out Grey may have been inspired by Kanye’s words onstage at the Big Sean show—during his appearance he praised Sean by saying “A lot of n****s come up and rap for me and shit, they thinking they finna be Sean and they not,” alluding to the story of how he met his protegé. Watch the entire performance (including “Blessings“) here.