Even though the rumors started spreading beforehand, seeing Missy Elliott perform during the Super Bowl halftime show with Katy Perry came as a shock. It’s been years since Missy has really been in the spotlight, but she hasn’t lost a step. She talked to Sway at Shade 45 about the experience.

Missy also spoke on agism in hip-hop, performing her own songs instead of just supporting Katy Perry, connecting with the youth, and working with Timbaland on new music. She didn’t give many details, so stay tuned for more on that.

On her old music with Timbaland:

“It can’t be duplicated. I don’t even know if we can duplicate that moment. We can most definitely give you something new, but that moment was that moment, and those records were timeless. Now, when you play them, they don’t sound dated… Talent is talent, and it’s timeless.”

On having anxiety attacks before the Super Bowl performance:

“I was straight, all the way up until two days before the Super Bowl. Now I’ve been performing for over twenty-something years, and I’ve never been so… like, getting anxiety attacks. My family calling me like, ‘Do you know how big this is!?'”

Listen to the full interview above, and revisit her Super Bowl performance here.

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