Ever since Tinder came about, many other new apps have pretty much bitten off the dating app’s simple concept of swiping left or right. But the majority of those apps aren’t even useful for daily life. However, the latest take on this easy concept revolves around music. Spotlst allows you to build a Spotify playlist using the simple swipe method.

Spotlst is a web-based app that was developed by Grant MacLennan. The app allows users to quickly build a playlist by providing music similar to what you already like. To begin, you enter the name of any artist of your choice then different songs will pop up one by one. A short preview of the song will be played. If you like the song and want to add it to your playlist, you simply swipe right (or click right if you’re on the computer). And if you don’t like the song, just swipe left. Your playlist will begin to build below.

After you’re finished selecting the songs you want for your new playlist, you can immediately save it to your Spotify account. The only noticeable, but minor glitch is the fact that some songs seem to appear multiple times—even songs you’ve already selected. On the brighter side though, Spotlst seems to provide a pretty vast variety in song selections. My playlist quickly went from Childish Gambino to Dom Kennedy to Too $hort. Spotlst seems like a great concept that could easily become lovable.

Try it yourself here.