Tyler, The Creator’s latest venture might be his boldest yet. In an attempt to “cut out the middleman,” Tyler is partnering with internet media executive Lloyd Braun to create his own personal internet TV channel. Braun’s company (Whalerock Industries) has already helped Howard Stern and the Kardashians create their own online networks.

The aim is to create a celebrity web network, one that survives off star power rather than advertising dollars. “I’m creating my own MTV,” Tyler told an audience at the annual Code/Media tech conference in California. More quotes below, and check out the interview footage provided. Tyler’s channel is set to launch later this year.

 On why he’s abandoning conventional broadcasts:

My generation is the internet. That’s all we know, it controls our lives. You guys got these graphs, studying stuff, you’re studying us so you can keep your jobs. Let’s cut out the middleman, the cable companies.

 On his pre-existing relationships with corporations:

The way that I got famous was going on Tumblr and putting out stuff for free with a strategy, and the next thing I know Sony is saying ‘Hey, we’ll give you a bunch of money to do X and O.’ I’ve used them to my advantage.

 On starting this venture alone:

When you’re on an airplane, they say ‘if we’re about to die, don’t help everyone else. Help yourself first, then help everyone else.’ So we’re gonna perfect this guy, and when that’s 10/10, we’re gonna help everyone else.