Boots delivers his next project today in the form of a short film. Motorcycle Jesus is part fractured apocalyptic narrative, part extended music video. El-P also shared the news on Twitter, revealing he had scored certain parts of the film.

It’s a beautiful piece of experimental filmmaking—Boots is in a deserted vista (California’s Mojave Desert), under assault from motorcycle-riding murderers and violent forest-children. His video for “Mercy” appears at the close of Motorcycle Jesus, cementing the fact that this is essentially a video EP—a track-by-track release that ends in a thunderous cacophony.

In an interview with the New York Times, Boots said Motorcycle Jesus would precede his full-length album. “I don’t know what happens if I stop working,” he said. “Or if I stop moving, or if I stop going perpetually forward. And I’m afraid to find out.”