Drake’s Toronto roots have always factored into his music, even as his star power has forced him to spend more and more time away from the city. He paid homage to his hometown this morning, tweeting out a link to “Jungle.” It’s a 14-minute short that chronicles Drake’s rise and his roots, from a seemingly conflicted perspective.

There are smatterings of new material heard throughout the piece—moody, ambient skitterings laid underneath Drake’s introspection. What sounds like the beginnings of a full song start around 06:00, and there’s a long piano interlude that accompanies a dark, hellish party scene at 09:00. One of the longest snippets comes as the credits roll.

There’s not much of a narrative to hold on to—rather, we experience Drake’s homecoming in flashes through his eyes. There are some great home-video highlights, though, including a bespectacled, pre-pubescent Drake rapping along to the stereo. It’s moody, introspective, and a little sad. Everything we’ve grown to love about Drizzy.

“Jungle” was directed by Karim Huu Do. It was scored by Noah “40” Shebib. No official word yet, but this is the surest sign yet that Drake’s new mixtape is just around the corner.