When it first happened, there was an air of menace to Action Bronson’s stage justice. He would sweep the leg and go for the neck—which, frankly, is the least someone jumping on stage and interrupting a show deserves.

When it happened again, however, you could tell the kid was up there just to get thrown: it’s become a tradition, one Bronson is all to happy to indulge. So when a sweet bro interrupted “Amadu Diablo” at the record release party for Mr. Wonderful last night, the anticipation of the toss was immediately in the air. Action drops the mic, walks over to the intruder with an unblinking stare, and helps him return to his spot in the crowd while Party Supplies cackles in the background.

It might be tradition, but it’s still good video. Especially when Action barely misses a bar to do the deed. Check out “Warlord Leather” after the video, the latest from Bam Bam and Earl Sweatshirt.