Charles Hamilton has been stepping back into the spotlight lately and has been having very honest conversations about his past. He has been opening up about his battle with mental illness as well as answering all of the sensitive questions people want to know.

Recently, Hamilton stopped by Hot 97 to talk to Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez about what’s been going on since he somewhat vanished from the public eye. The conversation began light and quickly ventured off into deeper topics like the infamous video of him being punched by a woman. Charles Hamilton revealed that he was actually the one who encouraged the cameraman to post the video online.

“I found that moment to be a beautiful moment,” said Charles about the now infamous video. “I was the one who told the videographer to put the video out.” He explained that he wanted the video out there to let the woman, as well as the world, know that he knew he was wrong for his comments and that he felt the punch was deserving.

Watch the full interview above, Hamilton starts freestyling around 39 minutes in.

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