We recently got word that Death Grips will be releasing their long-awaited double-album, the powers that b, next week on March 17. We’ve already heard the first disc, N*ggas on the Moonbut this is our second full-length taste of the other disc, Jenny Death. Either the penultimate or final track on Jenny Death depending on the format, “On GP” marks somewhat of a change of pace for the Sacramento trio. Prog-rock like in structure, the six minute long track wouldn’t really sound like Death Grips at all if it weren’t for Mc Ride’s unmistakable voice.

Posted on their Facebook page alongside a simple note, the video features all three members in the echo chamber of Studio 1 at Sunset Sound Recorders. As with all their previous videos on YouTube, all of the lyrics for the track are in the description. The lyrics might just be some of Mc Ride’s most personal yet, featuring a grim verse about him facing death itself and contemplating the many ways in which he could commit suicide. It’s also worth noting that the song includes the line “it’s been a pleasure, Stefan,” making it the only mention of Ride’s real name in their music.

Watch the minimal video above, and read the note they shared on Facebook below.

This is us inside the echo chamber of Studio 1 at Sunset Sound Recorders back in August. The song is track 9 from Jenny Death, its called “On GP”.. thank you