Image via Soundcloud

Image via Soundcloud

Recently FKA Twigs sat down with Zane Lowe for a more personal and in-depth discussion about her career. In a short amount of time, FKA Twigs has completed captured the public eye while retaining some elements of mystery. Her talk with Lowe marked one of the first times the singer discussed her career arc and upbringing in depth.

In the interview, Twigs discuss her upbringing as a dancer and how it shaped who she is now. “I fell in love with music when I discovered that I didn’t love dancing,” said Twigs. “I loved dancing to music.” Lowe also interviews some of the people closest to the artist. The commentary from other dancers, choreographers, and friends give another look at who FKA Twigs is on and off the stage.

During the conversation, Twigs admitted that she’s a bit of a free spirit that just likes to move on to the next thing without looking back. “I was a dancer and I just completely dropped out of the dance scene,” said Twigs. “Just to wake up one day and call your agent like, ‘Hi I just wanted to let you know, don’t book me any jobs anymore. Stop contacting me because I don’t want to do it.’ And people were like, ‘Why?’ and I knew I wanted to do music but I didn’t want to tell anybody that.”

FKA Twigs also revealed that she and her friends have a running joke about the word “moonlighting” and said that she is “an underground artist moonlighting as a pop star.” Whether she is ready to admit it or not, it is clear that Twigs is already a star. She explained that she used to quietly observe the directors on set during her early dancing days. She said she wouldn’t be able to direct her own videos now if it wasn’t for that. And it’s that mentality and willingness to learn that has brought her this far.

Listen to the full interview below.