Something I’m not proud to admit: I follow approximately nine different Kardashian fan accounts on Instagram. It started when I was addicted to Kim’s Hollywood game and they offered secret tips on how to get my fucking energy levels up so I could go to photoshoots. Honestly, I’m on edge even rehashing these memories, but the point is is that between all these accounts I see a LOT of Kanye West’s fashion choices. For example, I saw at least 84 pictures of him at the Balmain fashion show today ALONE. This is my life everyone.

But I might be able to justify my choices for following so many accounts if his outfits looked a little more like the ones in this new Instagram. Kanye Is Fashion photoshops pictures of Ye on ridiculous “high-fashion” outfits, and captions them with parodies of Kanye’s speeches about fashion. It boarders perfectly on the cusp of “wtf-ness” for every post to be LOL-worthy. Peep some below or, better yet, do yourself a favor and follow the account here.