Oxford University is the latest name on a prestigious list of colleges, schools that have been graced with a different kind of higher education: the word of Yeezus. Kanye stopped by at the invitation of the Oxford Guild Business Society, an organization in existence since 1897. There are most likely initiation rites and catacombs somewhere in its history.

Professor West spoke to about 400 people today and sparked a flurry of clever British hashtags like #YeezOx and #YesWeKanye. His entrance was masterfully captured by one blogger in the audience: “KANYE ENTERS TO STANDING OVATION – LOOKS UNIMPRESSED.” Might have been because there are leaked studio versions of “All Day” dancing around the internet.


The talk itself ranged from art, politics, and the commodification of culture. The Tab of Oxford pulled quotes from the talk.

VERSA also live-blogged the event, with much longer pull quotes. Mobile phones and photos were strictly forbidden, but this is Oxford, baby. They were born bad.


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 1.08.14 PM

I guess there’s only question left to ask: how will you live your life? As an ant? Or a crab?