While in Paris, Kanye West sat down with Clique TV for his latest one-on-one interview. He spoke about his desire to make “radical hits,” his definition of the “new slavery” (it’s based in materialism) and his interest in fashion and video games. Watch the interview above and read some notable quotes below.

Healthy competition is better than rivalry, rivalry becomes a cancer.

I think of Drake as a great sparring partner. I was sitting back, getting fat after having knocked everybody out, and he comes out with 14 hits.

Racism is a dated concept.

The more you are a servant, the more power you have.

I’d like to be able to work with the system, to be able to bring more beauty and truth to the world.

I think there should be an award show for the Nobel Peace Prize, but I guess they don’t sell enough ad time.

If you were going to contribute to society the way I want to, it’s worth some screaming to get it done.