When we first met Maryland-born artist/producer Mikey Mike, he was sneaking his way onto Rihanna’s Unapologetic by pretending to be a retired female porn star managing a friend of “her” brother who happened to be a talented beat maker. In a matter of months, he went from a producer trapped on Universal’s publishing roster, unable to garner much attention, to scoring a co-production credit on one of the biggest albums of 2012. He told us:

The same people who ignored my emails for years all responded right away, confused and curious and probably a little horny…If anything, it’s a wake up call to aspiring producers/artists that being signed means you’re in, when it doesn’t really mean shit and if you want something bad enough, you do it on your own, by any means necessary.”

Now, after years of developing his song craft and production, Mikey re-emerges with an impressive, self-produced new single and an amusing video to accompany it. “Cut My Hair” is Mikey’s contorted take on modern pop, a big ode to the emptiness of Los Angeles and the desire for human connection that the city’s disconnected sprawl inspires. Darkly humorous and anthemic, “Cut My Hair” never feels contrived, a fresh take on timeless topics.

Watch the video above and stream the song below.

Mikey will be throwing warehouse parties in L.A. in the near future and looking for friends to join him (as the humorous fliers he’s been pasting around the city describe).