Last month, FKA Twigs’ video for “Glass & Patron” premiered during the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, and she also did an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview that we now get to see. During the interview, Twigs discussed respecting dancers, femininity and why she chose to portray herself giving birth in the “Glass & Patron” video.

She explained how the sexiness of a woman is usually determined by their curves and how much skin they show, but the power of women being able to literally create a new human inside of them is never brought up in the discussion of beauty. She also admitted that after ten years of training, being hired to just be a prop in a rapper’s video wasn’t enough for her. Which is why she now allows dancers to shine in her own videos.

Throughout the intimate discussion FKA Twigs further explains just how differently she sees many things. This mentality comes through a bit within her own music videos but listening to her explanations shines a new light on the intentions behind her video concepts.

Watch the full interview above.

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