When Meg Myers belts out choruses with the kind of intensity most artists left in the ’90s, you can hear the emotion. With this new Andrew Donoho-directed video, you can see it too.

She told Rolling Stone: “When I wrote ‘Sorry,’ the original meaning was based on a romantic relationship. I think the video actually gives the song a deeper meaning than it originally had. I didn’t want to do the whole love interest thing for the video because it felt cliché. And I think it’s important for young girls to see videos that aren’t just centered around a love interest, when we’re all such complex people. Plus, just having people my age would be boring.”

She adds, “It was really fun flipping the table over, but I cringe every time I watch that part. My face is so intense. My team won’t stop sending me that bitmoji of the girl flipping a table over angrily.”