By now, frequent travelers are probably very familiar with the concept behind the website Airbnb. The service allows home owners to list their entire homes or separate rooms up for future travels. The site serves as a great alternative to overpriced hotels. is following in that same concept but transforming it to help musicians. Instead of renting a vacation home, this service allows artists to search for studios in their area that are available for rent. The service is available internationally but their main focus at the moment is New York and Los Angeles.

As you enter the website, it prompts you to search any area in hopes of finding a studio for rent. The sidebar allows you to chose your price range, studio type as well as additional services. And musicians may be happy to learn that the renting prices are by the day, rather than by the hour. However, because is still fairly new you will notice there aren’t as many listings in some areas. At least, not yet. There’s no doubt that more listings will begin to pop up very soon, so be sure to keep an eye on this game changer.