The subject of police brutality and racial profiling has been a hot topic in America the past few years, with incidents like Ferguson, Eric Garner, and Mike Brown bringing light to what’s going on to the mainstream.

Kap G made a song called “La Policia” after being racially profiled a few years ago. Most recently, he released a remix with T.I. and David Banner, as all three talked about their experiences with police and called out the corruption that exists within police departments across America.

In a talk with CNN’s Don Lemon, both Tip and Kap G talked about the subject in the song, while getting their opinion on what the New York Police Commissioner had to say about the track. T.I. emphasized their message was not to have people go out and shoot police officers, but rather to bring awareness to the subject and to stop unarmed deaths at the hands of bad cops. They even point out that they shout out the good police officers at the end of the remix as well, so it’s not an aim at all law enforcement, just the corrupt ones.