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Image via Plies on Instagram

By Matt Colwell

You thought Plies was entertaining on Twitter and Instagram? Well here’s his new Vine account.

Plies is the former XXL freshman rapper, turned internet persona/hero. Known for his vividly sexual Tweets and his love of #SweetPussySatday, Plies has now graced the world with his new Vine account. Only 20 days old, the account is already packed full of dating tips and daily words of wisdom.

Check out some of our favorites below.

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Getting in the Spirit

On the day of resurrection, Plies is not afraid to voice his beliefs.

Practicing Safe Sex

When abstinence isn’t an option, Plies recommends swearing that pwussy in.

Questioning Your Manhood

Plies explains to you why you’re probably still a virgin.

From Da Bike

Famous for coining the expression, “eat her from da bike,” Plies lets you in on his typical Satday (not Saturday).


And you thought that Young Thug was the only rapper making Pokemon references.

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