Sometimes, the simplest videos can keep your attention for the longest. That’s the case for London-based producer Arca, who has released an attention grabbing visual for “Sad B*tch” off his latest album Xen (????? Edition).

The Jesse Kanda-directed video has a woman dancing slow while all the music is being played through red dots coming out of her back. At first, they start out as welts, but quickly turn into hives all over. The more the melody and keys played faster, the more they came out at rapid fire. By the end, her back looks like a serious rash that will take more than just prescription cream to heal it.

The video release coincides with a newly announced London show at St. John at Hackney Church on June 12. That’s not it, though. The producer will also be Germany, Austria and Spain throughout April, May and June, in case you were overseas and wanted to catch him live.

April 24 – Berghain, Berlin, Germany (DJ set)
May 1 – Donau Festival, Austria
June 12 – St. John’s Church, Hackney, London
June 18-20 – Sonar, Barcelona, Spain
July 4 – Manchester International Festival, UK – SOLD OUT