We’ve been telling you about Danny Seth for a minute now, and while we wait for him to release his Perception project he has shared a video for “I Arise Because.” The video was directed by Nick Walker and Karim Huu Do, and it’s awesome—there’s backwards ghost riding in the whip, a beautiful garden of white blossom, and an ambiguous ending that will leave you wanting more.

Danny told us that Perception is, “a journey of my past two years translated through one day as Danny Seth. The reason I called it Perception is because everyone is going to have a different perception of me as an artist. I’m white and from the UK, it’s something that people won’t immediately like, or maybe something that people will love.” If he keeps the levels of his music and visuals this high, we’re betting there will be a lot more love than anything else.

Watch the “I Arise Because” video above.

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