It’s no secret that Drake usually performs well live, but thanks to a call from his mother before he hit the stage at Coachella, he went extra hard for his debut per her request. It seemed appropriate he walked out to “Legend,” the intro to his latest album, as Drizzy ran through a slew of his hits. He sprinkled songs off If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late in between as well, giving the crowd some of those miscellaneous freestyles that you won’t find on any albums. Even the songs he’s featured on got a good response, but none as much as “Tuesday.” Everyone in the crowd was screaming all the words and even switched up the lyrics to accommodate the occasion.

The hour long set got the shocking surprise of Madonna smooching Drake in front of the sea of people, but the rest of the concert was just as memorable. If you’re reading this, you might be too late to be watching Drake live, but you can catch up with the full performance below and above.