Young love takes a nasty turn in Tyler, The Creator’s latest video. Age is more than a number for Tyler: “you’re too fucking young,” he laments on the chorus, but the girl won’t take no for an answer and keeps coming around. Tyler eventually has to resort to drastic measure after she shows up at his mom’s house and tries to burn it down.

But don’t think this means Tyler has turned over a new, more responsible leaf: “Fucking Young” ends with a Mad Max/Mario Kart outro for the ages, desert demons whipping through the sand and slingshotting molotov cocktails at one another.

The video (directed by Tyler’s alter ego Wolf Haley) follows on the heels of Tyler’s next album announcement. Cherry Bomb is already right around the corner with an April 13 release date, and he’s shared a couple tracks already. If you can’t wait until the 13th, however, you can download Tyler’s Golf Media app that promises access to “Tyler and his brain without restrictions.”