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    Vocalist collaborations

    When we interviewed Young Thug two years ago, he told us that his favorite song was "Beautiful" by James Blunt. You might not guess it by listening to his music, but Young Thug's taste reaches far beyond the current sounds of Atlanta hip-hop.

    One of Young Thug's greatest strengths is his ability to come up with insanely catchy choruses, so it's hard to suggest that he tap vocalists for assistance, but it could round out this album nicely. There are still a lot of listeners who don't quite get Young Thug—they can't understand him, they think his voice is weird, and when his voice cracks into inhuman range, they're turned off. This is what we love about Thug, so we hope he doesn't completely abandon that, but hearing him with a couple of more traditional vocalists could be a pleasant surprise.

    Shit, can you imagine Adele and Young Thug?