YouTube has been making quite a few headlines this year. The viewer friendly site has been making moves in order to take the company further into the future and keep up with the trends of various music streaming platforms. At the beginning of the year YouTube warned that they will begin to remove artists that refuse to sign their licensing agreement. And recently they launched a hub targeted to DIY musicians. The conflicting news has riled up many independent artists but it looks like it won’t end there.

YouTube recently announced that they will soon begin paid subscriptions. According to The Verge, the video-hosting service will cost users $10/month in the very near future. The paid subscription will offer ad-free viewing as well the privilege to store videos offline on mobile devices. Big companies wanted to make bigger profits from their companies is certainly nothing new, but it’s starting to feel as if the “you” in YouTube is slowly becoming irrelevant.

Bloomberg Business recently shared the letter that YouTube sent out explaining their plans for the future: